Casino online gambling Has Been Successfully Approved the First Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Institution "Chang’an Dublin International College of Transportation at Chang’an University"

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Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the examination and approval of Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions in 2020. The non-independent legal Sino-foreign cooperative education institution jointly organized by Chang’an University and University College Dublin, Ireland, Chang’an Dublin International College of Transportation at Chang’an University , was officially approved, with the approval number MOE61IEA02DNR20202076N. This institution is the first Sino-foreign cooperatively-run college approved by our university.

Chang’an Dublin International College of Transportation was approved to carry out undergraduate education, and opened three undergraduate majors in road and bridge engineering, vehicle engineering and transportation. Each major enrolls 120 people per year, 360 students per year, and the collegel scale is 1440. Enrollment is planned for 2020. The institution adopts the 4 + 0 dual degree training model and an international teaching system. Students are registered in both universities and have dual degrees. They can obtain Chang’an University undergraduate graduation certificate, bachelor degree certificate and University College Dublin degree certificate from Ireland without going abroad. The college adheres to pioneering innovation, inclusive development, and aims to build an international college with distinctive characteristics, like New engineering + major transportation + internationalization high-end technical and management personnel, in the field of transportation engineering.

The establishment of the Chang'an Dublin International College of Transportation is an important milestone in accelerating our university's international schooling process, and is also a major breakthrough and landmark achievement of our university's continuous promotion of the international schooling strategy. Through the introduction of foreign advanced educational concepts and high-quality educational resources, we will continue to enrich our university's educational connotation, further improve the university's operating mechanism, and lead the cultivation of high-quality and compound international talents. Team building, social services and other work will vigorously promote the construction of double first-class in our university.


The foreign cooperative institute of the Chang'an Dublin International College of Transportation is the University College Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 1854, it is the largest and most internationalized university in Ireland and is known for its high quality education standards and pioneering research results the world is one of the top two universities in Ireland and the top research university in Europe. The 2020QS World University Ranking is 185th. The college's engineering technology disciplines supported by the cooperative education are at the world's top level, ranking 123 in the 2019 QS world disciplines. The School of Engineering and Architecture, which is supported by the university, is the largest engineering department in Ireland with the most complete disciplines. It is a top member of the Irish Engineering Society, Chemical Society and IEEE, and a member of the Royal Irish Academy and the Royal College of Engineering.