Young-in KWON, The Vice President of the Korea Transportation Institute, visited Casino online gambling

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On December 31, Researcher Young-in KWON, Vice President of the Korea Institute of Transportation and Director of the Urban Research and Transportation Research Center of the Korea Transportation Research Institute, visited our school. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met with visitors in the VIP room of Beichen Building on the Weishui Campus. The chief of the International Division and the Korean professor Jang Jonghag accompanied the meeting.

Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed the visit of Vice President Young-in KWON. He briefly introduced the basic history of the school, the scale of the school, the characteristics of the discipline, and the cultivation of talents to the guests. He also introduced the cooperation and communication between the school and educational and research institutions in Korea. He pointed out that for many years, the school has comprehensively docked to serve the major strategic needs of the country and industry regions, and has continuously exerted the characteristics of its disciplines, providing important talent protection and intellectual support for the development of the transportation industry. He said that the school has always been committed to international development and attaches great importance to cooperation with educational and scientific research institutions in South Korea. The two sides have frequent cooperation and exchanges. At present, the school has signed inter-school cooperation agreements with 12 universities and research institutions in South Korea and conducted substantive cooperation, such as extensive teacher interactions, joint training of students, and cooperative scientific research. He emphasized that the research areas of the two sides are the same, and the preliminary cooperation has a solid foundation and broad space for cooperation. He hopes to take the opportunity of Vice President Young-in KWON's visit as an opportunity to speed up the cooperation between our university and the universities and research institutions in the Korean transportation industry, and further promote the cooperation with the Korea Transportation Research Institute in scholars' mutual visits, cooperative scientific research and other fields. Use each other's strengths to strengthen complementarity and achieve win-win cooperation and common development between the two sides.

Vice President Young-in KWON expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of the school, expressed appreciation for the outstanding contribution of the school in the field of transportation, and highly agreed with Vice President Zhao Xiangmo's cooperation ideas. He briefly introduced the basic situation of the Korea Transportation Institute and the recent development of the Korea Transportation Research Institute. He pointed out that through this visit, I learned that Chang'an University is a high-level university with an open school philosophy, strong school strength, distinctive subject characteristics, and outstanding social services. He is very willing to promote the cooperation between Korean transportation universities and research institutions with our university in various fields such as mutual visits of scientific researchers, joint training of students, and cooperative scientific research. He said that the Korea Transportation Research Institute always values cooperation and exchanges with Changan University. The two sides have carried out cooperation in jointly building cooperative scientific research institutions and jointly applying for national and interregional scientific research projects. He hoped that the two sides would continue to deepen scientific research cooperation. , Continue to expand the field of cooperation, strive to increase the breadth and depth of cooperation between the two sides, and promote the establishment of a deeper and closer cooperative relationship between the two sides.


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