Vice president SaÏd MAMMAR, Vice President of Evry University, Visited Casino online gambling

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On December 20, vice president SaÏd MAMMAR, vice president of Evry University,Paris, and his entourage visited Casino online gambling. Vice president Zhao Xiangmo, in company with the heads of Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange and School of Information Engineering, met with the guests in the VIP room of Beichen Building on Weishui Campus.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo extended warm welcome toward vice president SaÏd MAMMAR and his entourage. He introduced to the guests the the history, scale and discipline characteristics of Chang'an University, focusing on how Casino online gambling utilized the advantages of its disciplines to promote international exchanges and cooperation. He pointed out that over the years, Chang'an University has continuously taken the advantages of the characteristics of its disciplines to cultivate a large number of high-level engineering and technical management talents for the infrastructure construction industry and that Casino online gambling alumni and research teams have been deeply involved and played an important role in major engineering construction projects in the field of infrastructure construction. He said that Casino online gambling has invariably been committed to the development of internationalization and attached great importance to the cooperation with the top universities in Europe like Evry University.He believed that the two universities have broad space for cooperation because of their distinctive characteristics and complementary advantages. He hoped to take vice president SaÏd MAMMAR's visit as an opportunity and take such substantial cooperation as the teacher-student exchange project as a driving force to actively discuss about the cooperation between the two universities in the fields of joint cultivation of talents, mutual visits of teachers, cooperative scientific research, and especially in cooperative education projects or institutions.


Vice president SaÏd MAMMAR expressed his gratitude toward the warm reception, appreciation toward the outstanding contributions made by Casino online gambling in the field of infrastructure construction, as well as his deep approval for with vice president Zhang Xiangmo'ss idea of cooperation. He gave a brief introduction to Evry University. He pointed out that through this visit, he learned that Change'an university is a high-level university with distinctive academic characteristics, strong educational strength and excellent social services. He stressed that, Evry University is extremely willing to carry out a comprehensive, deep cooperation and conduct multi-level joint student cultivation and scientific research cooperation, especially the substantive cooperation like joint application of the international research projects in the field of traffic information. He hoped that through the in-depth exchanges between teachers and students, the two universities can advance their collaboration in multiple fields and establish a closer cooperative relationship.


Vice president Zhao meets with vice president SaÏd MAMMAR


After the meeting,vice president SaÏd MAMMAR and his entourage visited the human-vehicle-road collaborative innovation research platform.


Group photo