Casino online gambling Leaders Met with Vice President Emebet Mulugeta of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

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On December 9, Vice president Zhao Xiangmo, in company with the heads of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange and the School of Highway Engineering, met vice president Emebet Mulugeta of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, who came to attend the 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference in China.


Vice president Zhao Xiangmo extended warm welcome to vice President Emebet Mulugeta and thanked him for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit Casino online gambling. He briefly introduced the history, scale, discipline characteristics, talent training, international exchanges and cooperation of Casino online gambling, with emphasis on the basic situation of the internationalized talent training. He pointed out that Casino online gambling had always been committed to the international development, constantly giving full play to the characteristics of the discipline, culltivated a large number of high-level engineering technology and management takents for the infrastructure construction industry and that the Casino online gambling alumni and research teams had been deeply involved and played an important role in many major engineering construction projects in the field of infrastructure construction. He said that Casino online gambling had a long history of cooperation with universities around the world, especially those in countries along the Silk Road, and attached great importance to educational exchanges and cooperation with universities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He hoped to take the in-depth exchanges between the two sides as an opportunity to open the cooperation between the two universities in the forms of mutual visits of teachers, joint cultivation of students, cooperative scientific research, especially the cooperation in terms of overseas cooperative education, and promote the establishment of a stable and comprehensive cooperative relationship between the two universities.


Vice president Emebet Mulugeta expressed his thanks for the warm reception and appreciation toward the outstanding contributions made by Casino online gambling in the field of infrastructure construction and agreed with vice president Zhao Xiangmo ’s vision of cooperation . She pointed out that Casino online gambling was a high-level comprehensive university with distinctive academic characteristics, strong educational strength and excellent social services, and shared many similarities with Addis Ababa University in educational philosophy, professional setting and social services.


She said after returning to Addis Ababa University she would work out the cooperation mechanism as soon as possible. She also sincerely invited Casino online gambling education communication group to Addis Ababa University to have in-depth exchanges and discussions on the close cooperation between the two universities and local Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia to promote overseas education and training of local talents, and take this opportunity to promote the establishment of all-round cooperation between the two universities as soon as possible.



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