Professor Amanda Gibney, Dean of the School of Civil Engineerin of UCD, Visited Casino online gambling

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On December 2, dean of the School of Civil Engineering of UCD, Ireland, Professor AmandaGibney and three others visited Casino online gambling. Vice President Zhao Xiangmo met the visiting guests in the VIP room of Beichen Building on teh north campus.


Vice President Zhao Xiangmo welcomed dean Amanda Gibney and her delegation. He introduced the recent development of the university from the aspects of discipline characteristics, talent training, faculty construction, scientific research, international exchange and cooperation, etc., and mainly introduced the university's efforts to promote international exchange and cooperation by giving full play to its disciplinary advantages. He pointed out that the university had always been committed to the international development, constantly giving play to the characteristics of the discipline and the university alumni and research teams had been deeply involved in a number of major projects in the field of infrastructure construction, and played an important role. He said the two sides had established the solid foundation of cooperation, chinese-foreign the educational cooperation between the two universities in running schools project had become a deepening model of our university internationalization, and he hoped to AmandaGibney dean's visit as an opportunity, and the key cooperation project as driving force to comprehensively promote their cooperation in the talent training, teacher visits and scientific research.


Dean AmandaGibney expressed her appreciation for the warm reception, the outstanding contributions made by the school in the field of infrastructure construction, and her approval for vice President Zhao Xiangmo's vision of cooperation. She gave a brief introduction to the development of University College Dublin. She pointed out that through this visit, she deeply understood that Chang 'an university was a high-level university with an open philosophy, strong educational strength and rich educational deposits. She stressed that the visit was aimed at promoting the two sides to explore more cooperation models, and hoped that through the in-depth development of bilateral cooperation projects, the two universities would continue to promote multi-field and in-depth cooperation and strive to promote the establishment of closer cooperative relations.


Vice President Zhao meets with Professor AmandaGibney


After the meeting, dean AmandaGibney and her delegation had an in-depth exchange of views with the head of the Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange and the School of Highway Engineering on the Erasmus+ exchange student funding programme and visited to the Transport Museum.


Group photo